32 Kids Just Wrecking Literally Everything


*Never having kids*


  1. Posted by kamana83, — Reply

    Yup totally something my boy would do... question is were the fuck is mom.. you know the person husband told to watch kids while I pour our house floor...

  2. Posted by apatheticalchemist, — Reply

    Let that lil shit get stuck in it 💀 All jokes aside though, once she's cleaned up and that's dried, filling it with coloured resin or something would look uber cool. Plus if the building is ever remodeled, the people that find that are gonna be so pleasantly confused lol

  3. Posted by jinx2125, — Reply

    Um, just an observation but what other path could she have taken to get to her dad? Basically.... how was he getting out if the entire floor is covered?

  4. Posted by randski1582, — Reply

    Give her hugs and kisses daddy because she loves you, you can always re-smooth the floor. How can you be mad at that sweet face❤️

  5. Posted by johoseehaw, — Reply

    Oml the commentary under it all on the website was soooo annoying like bitch you don’t have children of your own quit saying how you would trade them in you have no idea what it is like to have a kid

  6. Posted by MgSomogy, — Reply

    That’s so cute! They should fill the holes with something colorful before the concrete dries, then they have cool art on their floor!

  7. Posted by SilverFuture555, — Reply

    Maybe the wife was busy, maybe she was working outside, maybe she was filing divorce papers! Maybe she was Up in her bedroom with another man! MAyBe, she was staying at her moms house to figure things out with her husband!!! maybe!!! She was driving away with said man.

  8. Posted by paradox36t, — Reply

    Tell her to wait there

  9. Posted by kaydin1515, — Reply

    She’s adorable her dad’s probably going on with her but but she’s so cute and adorable so stop being mean peoples

  10. Posted by winterp, — Reply

    Omg please just remove my uterus now.

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